Prototyping (And Other Fun Stuff)

This is just a collection of some of the fun projects that I’ve worked on. Most of them were made on a Laser Cutter or 3D printer.

Everything is better with music

LeapMotion: Project Northstar

Project Northstar: An AR headset release by LeapMotion in 2018

What’s cool about this?

  • It’s an Augmented Reality headset
  • Although I didn’t design the parts, I had to figure out how to manufacture them (cost effectively)
  • The transparent lenses for the display were 3D printed using clear resin on an SLA (Stereolithography) printer
  • I was able to manufacture the entire headset at about 1/10 of the original estimate given by LeapMotion

Delve Labs: Strep Detector

Delve Labs: A biomedical startup that designs DIY rapid test kits

What’s cool about this?

  • An early prototype for a strep detection device
  • A wonderful lesson in tolerances
  • My first CAD project

Laser Cutting

What’s cool about this?

  • Living hinges on wood allow for some amazing flexibility
  • Laser cutter projects are highly customizable and very quick to make
  • Mixing media can lead to some cool results (like the spear)

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